Quick and stylish shipping

In order to deliver the fashion treasures you found on Stylejungle, we rely on TNT Courier. All of our packages come with an official invoice that states the actual value of each of your stylish conquests. We do our best to let you have your purchase quickly and sumptuously, as a cheetah would do. In the rare and unfortunate case you may consider us sloths instead, drop us a line: after thirty days starting from the first day after you proceeded to check-out, complaints are absolutely okay and actually essential for us to improve our service and solve any problem that may have occurred.

Reimbursement policy

If any of the products you selected online is currently not available, we will immediately write you a note and we will reimburse you. If we had already known that some of the products are currently unreachable in our jungle, we will clearly state that online, so that we could avoid you any misadventure.

Shipping schedule

We ship our orders every week, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you sent us your order during the weekend, we will take care of it starting from the following Monday morning: even the jungle needs a bit of siesta.
The delivery of our products usually happens within 5 working days from the day of your order – if we’re sending them to Italy – and within 10 working days if we’re sending them to any other destination in the rest of the world. Our products will reach you via the shipping option you chose at the moment of purchase.

What you should do if you notice any flaws

If you notice any flaws in the products we sent you (e.g.: defective goods, a product in place of another, less products than the ones you ordered, or more products than the ones you ordered) you should let us know within three days.
If the package is damaged, you are totally allowed to reject the delivery from the courier, or to accept it with a condition (i.e.: goods unchecked). Let us know if this happens: if your roars won’t reach us within three days it means you are okay with what you got and we won’t be able to help you in case of need.

Prices and shipping costs

The price of our products is clear and evident on our online catalog and on your order confirmation (taxes are included). Additional shipping costs are determined by the type of shipping you chose and by the location you are asking to send them (in Italy or abroad). The prices of the products and the shipping costs are signaled separately online and in the order confirmation you will receive via e-mail. Depending on the country where you would like to receive your Stylejungle products, you will possibly have to pay additional taxes.